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🥇 Zhenjun Zhao
🥈 Zeljko Ovuka
🥉 Martin Jovanoski


🥇 Keiko Hiraki
🥈 Tomoko Yoshikawa
🥉 Jinhee Baek




The results will be visible after the first task

The last day in Mungyeong initially seemed hardly taskable. A slight drizzle welcomed the pilots at the takeoff, prompting everyone to seek shelter under the tent and in the building besides the takeoff. There, the pilots could enjoy their lunch packages until the conditions cleared up.

The task committee remained optimistic, as they did every day, hoping for conditions to improve, as they had in previous days. They set a 32 km (optimized) race to goal task. While Meet Director Goran Dimishkovski conducted the briefing, a wind dummy tested the conditions and was able to soar above the takeoff. However, the conditions were still quite variable, leading to some pilots bombing out directly. As a result, the start   gaggle was quite spread out, with some pilots still struggling to gain suffi cient altitude.

Once again, the small task was full of surprises, as overall leader Martin Jovanoski bombed out, and Korean Pilot Yongmook Won secured the task win. This caused Martin to lose his overall lead to Zhenjun Zhao. The women‘s ranking was won by Korean pilot Jinhee Baek.

After returning to headquarters, the closing ceremony was held at the University Center of Mungyeong, where the prizegiving was accompanied by a delightful buffet and live music.

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Paragliding World Cup Spain, Yelmo, 2024

Local time:

Registration deadline: 03.04.2024, 23:59




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Pilot Information

HQ Location

Contact for pilots:



The Yelmo flying area is located in the Sierra de Segåura, in the province of Jaén. The main take-off is at 1800 m and its orientation is W, admitting NW and SW winds.

In general, the winds are predominantly westerly, due to the Guadalquivir valley.

In case of S wind, there is a take-off towards this orientation, although in previous years we have travelled to Pegalajar to carry out the task (2h trip).

Several national leagues have been held here, 1 Spanish championships in 2022, and the FIA (International Air Festival) has been held here for more than 20 years.

In distance, it has exceeded 200km in a straight line (National League 2021) and 140km triangles have been made (Pre-PWC 2023).

Daily schedule:

23 to 29 June

· 09:00 – 10:00 Claims and Protests at HQ

· 10:00 – 12:00 Pilots’ Takes off from HQ

· 12:15 Briefing Test at take off

· 12:30 – 21:00 Race of the day 15 MIN AFTER MAXIMUM CLOSING TIME. Reporting deadline

General schedule

· 22 june: OPEN Ceremony in Segura de la Sierra (10 min of HQ) 

· 23-29 June: task competition

· 29 June: Awards ceremony: in process

In this area the are a lot accomomodation, Yelmo is in a Natural Park of Sierras de Cazorlas, Segura y las Villas. In you can find a lot information.

Some accommodations:

How to reach Yelmo (Plane/train/car…)

  • Plane: More airport near: Madrid: 3h
  • Train: More train station near: Jaén: 1,3 hours
  • Car:
    oFrom Jaén: 1,30h
    oFrom Madrid: 3h
    oFrom Málaga: 3,5h


Reach HQ: will be in Cortijos Nuevos. C. Rosario, 23293 Cortijos Nuevos, Jaén

Information will be published soon

Selection list


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