Paragliding World Cup Switzerland, Grindelwald – Interlaken, 2024

Local time:

Registration deadline: 03.02.2024



Pilot Information

The headquarters are also located at Höhematte, in the Kunsthaus, 50 metres from the landing site. Link on Google-Maps to the HQ.
The bistro is open in the afternoon, with a bar, food and music.

Registration will be in the event -hall.


Please be aware that the underground car park directly at the HQ is very expensive. The large car parks at Interlaken East Train Station (link on Google-Maps) are cheaper (we all will take the train to Grindelwald at Interlaken East).


The retrieve is organised exclusively by public transport. It is supported by minibuses that shuttle the pilots to the nearest railway station if possible.

The easiest way to do this is to install the SBB Mobile app. However, you can also organise your return journey to Interlaken on online timetable.


Informations at

Liability insurance

For flights in Switzerland, the following requirements apply regarding the amount of coverage (VLK Art. 10.):
Pilot Solo: at least 1 million Swiss francs

Pilot Solo guest insurance:
If you don’t have a liability insurance with at least 1 million Swiss franc, you can buy one at the Swiss Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (SHPA) for 30 days (51 CHF) or 120 days (82.50 CHF). 120 days is the maximum.
Order an insurance: info(at) or 0041 44 387 46 83

Lunch bag

We offer Lunch bags on days we go up to take off. The lunch will be ready at Grindelwald First valley station.

Local Website:

Interlaken and Grindelwald are among the best flying areas in the world for paragliding competitions. So it is only natural that the paragliding scene, together with the Swiss League of the Swiss Hang Gliding Association, regularly organises competitions here. We are proud to be organising a World Cup in May 2024 for the second time since 2008.

The Highlights:

Excellent flying opportunities with varied and tactically interesting daily tasks
Often good weather with good flying conditions for paragliding
Take-off and flight in the sensational high alpine scenery of the Eiger-Mönch-Jungfrau, Schilthorn and…
… the lakes with their pre-alpine ambience
Landing in the heart of Interlaken, the Swiss hotspot for action&fans and starting point for a variety of mountain & nature experiences
The organising committee consists of the two local clubs Jungfrau-Taechi Grindelwald, Deltaclub Interlaken and the Swiss League.



On the official map of Switzerland the obstacles are visible. This is a link to this map, showing diffrent layers. 

On Airspace.XContest you can add Switzerland as country, unselect all checkboxes and download the obstacles.

Take Off

Take of “First”
The allowed take-off area will be marked. Launch assistants are mainly at the official take off below the briefing area.

Local website

Saturday, 4.5.24
If the weather is good, we organise a training day. Grindelwald, Meeting point Interlaken East
The officials and pilots arrive later in the afternoon. Kunsthaus
17-20 Registration All 120 pilots have to visit four “stations” where documents are checked, material is handed in (including T-shirts) and the pilots’ flight instruments are loaded with the latest data. Kunsthaus, Event-Hall
19-20 Apéro Riche Apéro before the General Briefing Kunsthaus, Event-Hall and outdoor
20-21 General Briefing Attended by around 90 pilots Kunsthaus, Event-Hall
Flight days, Sunday, 5.5. to Saturday, 11.5.24
07:30 The headquarters opens to deal with questions, complaints etc.Meteo and Tasksetting Kunsthaus, Event-Hall
08:04 The pilots travel independently to Grindelwald and Grindelwald First Interlaken East, BOB to Grindelwald
10:30 Briefing at the take-off site Take Off First
11:30-13:00 Launch window open: The pilots have time to take off individually
ca. 13:00 “Airstart”: The pilots are allowed to fly over a virtual starting line
from 14 Landings on the Höhematte Höhematte, Official landing site
Returning the tracker Kunsthaus, Event-Hall
14-19 Bar&Coffee Kunsthaus, Event-Hall&Outdoor
Special evenings
One evening, 19-21 “Pilots’ evening”. All 120 pilots, officials and all helpers are invited. The evening should be planned for an evening with good weather. Kunsthaus, Event-Hall&Outdoor
Possibly additionally Catering to order on 1-2 further evenings Kunsthaus, Event-Hall&Outdoor
Prize-giving ceremony
Saturday, 11.5.24 Apéro … Kunsthaus, Event-Hall&Outdoor
… followed by the award ceremony

Accommodation in Interlaken is expensive and books up early! It is therefore advisable to search early on the usual platform Interlaken Tourismus.

Accommodation is also possible on the route to Grindelwald. Information is sent on Telegram in the evening and in the morning, pilots can board the train on the whole route without travelling to the HQ in Interlaken first.

Campers and Minibusses

For campers, we will offer a big parking spot at Jungfraupark and organize a shuttle in the morning. Toilets only, no electricity*. CHF 15 / night.

*According to the survey, we will not be offering electricity (77% don’t need electricity).

By Car:
Follow the Google-Link

By Train:
Check the time-table at SBB

By Airplane:
At both airports, Geneva and Zurich, the railway station is located directly below the airport. Use the “By Train” link to plan your connection.

PWC BEO 24 V4.cup

PWC BEO 24 V4.geo

PWC BEO 24 V4.kml

PWC BEO 24 V4.ozi

PWC BEO 24 V4.wpt

Archive with all the WP files


Dedicated Files for the World Cup






Archive will all the airspace files


    • All possible airspaces. Very unlikely that we will need this file.


      • Minimum airspace without CTR Meiringen and without TMA Meiringen East.
      • Altitude limit all day at 3960 AMSL
      • With luck we can use this file on Friday if the military is not flying.
      • With a lot of luck also Mon-Wed.


    • Minimum airspace without CTR Meiringen and without TMA Meiringen East.
    • Altitude limit all day at 4570 AMSL.
    • We can pretty much use this file on Saturday, Sunday and Thursday.


      • Minimum airspace with CTR Meiringen and with TMA Meiringen East.
      • Altitude limit all day at 3960 AMSL.
      • We will almost certainly have to use this file on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. With bad luck also on Friday.


    • Minimum airspace with CTR Meiringen and with TMA Meiringen East.
    • Altitude limit all day at 4570 AMSL.
    • We will probably never have to use this file. Unless the military needs CTR Meiringen on Sat, Sun or Thu.
    • If this is the case, it is probably an emergency and TMA West may also be activated.

XCTrack Layer COMP CH will be working as well.


  • These files are only according to the airspace regulations for the World Cup! 
  • These files only contain the possible flight region. Outside the flight perimeter the airspace has been removed!
  • Note the information on the briefing!

Selection list


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