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Pilot Information

The HQ is Condor Air Sports Paragliding School for this event. The school is right next to the HQ hotel, Cameli Stone Lodges.

Organizers for this event is Condor Air Sport Paragliding School and cameli Municipality.

Meet Director: Dora Goksal
Organizers: Dora Goksal and Oguzkan Sadeer

By Air: The closest airports are Dalaman Airport (DLM) and Denizli cardak Airport (DNZ). From Dalaman, cameli takes approximately 2 hours (121 km). Its about a 2-hour drive (150 km) from Denizli, as well. DLM has more daily flights from both Istanbul Airport (IST) and Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW), and direct flight from many European cities.

By Road: If you’re driving, search for “Condor Air Sports” on Google Maps on your phone and follow the directions. That will be our HQduring the competition.
Shuttle Services: Shuttle services will be available from both airports to cameli. Please join the official WhatsApp chat to book a seat.

Public Transport: Public buses also operate from both airports to nearby towns. From there, you can arrange further transportation to cameli. Take the airport shuttle from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye Bus Station, or from Denizli cardak Airport to Denizli Bus Station, and take ‘Candi Koop’ bus from either bus terminal to cameli. No pre-booking needed; you can buy your ticket as you arrive at the bus terminal.

We have multiple options for pilots during the competition. You need to book one through the organizers prior to your arrival. It’s recommended for you to book your preferred option as soon as possible.

Student hostel: It’s a student dormitory dedicated to the competitors during the competition. A small fee for accommodation (including breakfast) at the student dormitory will be announced before the competition. We expect most of the pilots to stay here. It’s 5 minutes’ drive from the HQ

Cameli Stone Lodges: It is the HQhotel. There are 10 stone lodges with a garden, restaurant, pool, and Turkish bath. 

Ata Hotel: It’s the downtown hotel in cameli. Single or double rooms are available with breakfast included. 

Cameli Vineyard Cottages: Located a 20-minute drive from the HQ these stone cottages are situated in a nearby village. If you want to have a true Turkish rural experience and quiet nights, you should book a house here. There are different options available depending on the number of people wishing to stay. 

Aug 03, 2024 (Training Day)

09.30 — Transport to takeoff
11.30 – 16.00 — Training Task
16.00 – 19.00 — Registration
19.30 – 20.00 — Mandatory Safety and Competition Briefing

Aug 04 – Aug 10, 2023 (Competition days)
09.30 — Transport to takeoff
11.30 – 17.00 — Task

Aug 10, 2023

19:00 — Closing ceremony and prize giving

Daily Schedule

08.00 — HQ opens
09.30 — Transport to takeoff
09.30 — Meet Director / Task and Safety Committee meetings
10.30 — Pilots’ briefing / Previous task official results / Task and weather info
11.30 — Takeoff window opens 16.30 — Scoring & Provisional results

Yaylacik Mountain launch has been operating as an official site for ten years and hosted many successful competitions such as Pre-World Cup and Turkish Nationals. About 90 minutes’ drive from Oliideniz, the 2130 m mountain is accessible by road and offers well-kept launches in all wind directions.

It works great from February to November, with the best conditions for XC hounds in May to September. While the majority of big flights have been to the north, it is also possible to fly large triangles to the south or directly to oludeniz and the coast. cameli holds the titles for Turkish free distance record (356 km) and FAI triangle record (203 km).

During the flying season the thermals are usually active from sunrise to sunset. The best time to have a start window is before noon. This gives a huge advantage for early tasks in case of stormy weather forecast afternoon. In 2022, we had a 53 km task in which the winner made goal just before 13.00 (which is probably the earliest task finish of all times) and more than half of the participants were in goal before it gets unflyable. It is a magical site for paragliding competitions.

Average tasks made are about 70-80 km, yet 120+ km tasks are common too. Cloud base is generally 3000 m and more. In the middle of April, pilots occasionally reach 3500 m. From May to September most flights reach to 4500 m as ceiling.

Main winds are southerly in which tasks are defined as zigzags to the north. Out-and-return and FAI triangle type flights are easily done in light wind and having a goal in cameli Valley is quite usual.

What to see/do?

In Cameli, a small town surrounded by mountains and lakes with 17,000 people, there’s lots to see and do. In a nonflying day, you can go for a hike or bike (both mountain or road) ride in the hills nearby. All the trails are marked and very well kept. You should check out Kibyra Ancient City, just 23 km away. You can head to Salda Lake for a swim—it’s only 85 km, 1.10 hours’ drive. Want more? Oludeniz is less than 1.30 hours (85 km) away. And if you’re up for it, Pamukkale is a 1.40-hour (120 km) drive, where you can see cool terraced pools and an ancient city.

What to eat/drink?

There’s lots of dining options in town considering the size of it. The Stone Lodges, where our HQis located, boasts a decent restaurant and a chill poolside bar. After a long task, its practically a tradition for pilots to kick back with a cold beer and take a dip in the pool. As for Cameli, its a quaint little town with most eateries lining the main street. You’ll find a range of options from beef, chicken, or fish dishes to Turkish specialties like pide (Turkish pizza) and gozleme (Turkish flatbread). There are a few Turkish home-cooking eateries as well, as they offer traditional veggie dishes for the vegetarians.
And let’s not forget about the Turkish tea. Its everywhere! Consider it the Turkish way of saying “hello” or “goodbye.” So, get ready to sip on it a lot. And if you’re in the mood for something stronger, you can find Turkish coffee in all the cafes and restaurants. Just remember to specify your sweetness preference beforehand—whether you like it plain (“sade”), medium (“orta”), or sweet (“§ekerli”).
Speaking of gozleme and tea, it will be freshly served at the launch every day, alongside the launch packs.


The locals are no strangers to paragliding community and they are always very friendly and welcoming. But keep in mind, it’s countryside and as most of other similar places, this town tends to be conservative. We really enjoy flying here and want to be good neighbors by supporting local businesses and respecting the community.
There is no bar culture in Turkish countryside, but you can buy alcohol in liquor stores. Some restaurants offer alcohol. Please note, it is forbidden to use any kind of drugs in Turkey.

Information will be published soon

Selection list


Daniel Dimov


Ivan Lukanov

Safety & Retrieve Manager

Anna Berger

Social Media Manager

Goran Dimishkovski

Event manager


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