Paragliding World Cup Switzerland, 2024 - daily report : Task 5

  • May 11 2024

A Spectacular Last Task

Once again, Switzerland blessed us with premium conditions for the final Task of the Paragliding World Cup in Interlaken/Grindelwald. The cloudbase was even higher than yesterday, allowing for a 111km Task to be set.

The Task initially headed west to Kandersteg, guiding pilots over spectacular terrain such as the scenic Lauterbrunnen, past 3000m peaks before looping back to the second Turnpoint further Northeast from Grindelwald. Then, another long leg took the pilots back, requiring them to cross over Lake Brienzersee / Interlaken. The extended legs in this task offered various options, heightening the excitement of the race. Before returning to the goal in Interlaken, the Task led the athletes over Lake Thunersee to tag the TurnPoint at the Därlingenridge. Swiss

Pilot Stephan Morgenthaler secured victory in this Task, arriving as one of the first at the goal. The female winner of the day was Alexia Fischer.

Athletes in the goal shared, “This task was amazing, the conditions were superb, and the task felt almost too short for such a great day.” What a fantastic conclusion to the Paragliding World Cup in Switzerland.

With this Task, the Paragliding World Cup in Switzerland concluded in spectacular fashion.

Overall, Julien Wirtz claimed victory in the Competition, followed by Juan Ospina and Christian Maurer in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

In the Women’s ranking, Violeta Jimenez dominated the field in first place, followed by Jenny O’Neil and Alexia Fischer in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively—all three representing the United States of America.

The podium for the teams is as follows: Ozone Paragliders in first place, Cameli Municipality in second, and Parapente Mag in third place.