13th Paragliding World Cup Super Final (2023 Season) Baixo Guandu, Brazil :  March 5th – 16th 2024 : Task 6

  • Mar 15 2024

Pilots arrived on launch to a sunny sky, but tricky launch conditions, with the wind primarily from the side (from the west). A 91.2k task was called, with extra time for pilots to launch and get to the start given the tough launch conditions.

Big clouds being fed by strong thermals formed above launch, making it easy for pilots to stay high, but difficult to avoid going into the clouds. The start was again across the valley in front of launch, where the low hills begin. Most pilots opted to stay high above launch and then glide to the start just in time for the race to begin.

The first turnpoint was a large rock right before the river, and many pilots got very low on the way before climbing out. Then pilots crossed the river and headed north over new territory. Some of the best, but rough, climbs of the day came over the first row of mountains stretching to the north. Pilots tanked up there before crossing the valley with most making it to the mountains on the other side without having to climb.

The second turnpoint was out in the flats, a few kilometers past the mountains. Around here Honorin Hamard separated from the gaggle and pushed alone, staying in front, while the bulk of pilots stayed together.

The next leg was a long one with the direct line going over the flats in the crater, then over the river. The gaggle chose a more direct line than Honorin, which allowed them to catch him at the last turnpoint. In the end, Honorin pushed hard and crossed ESS first.

17 pilots made goal, with another 59 reaching ESS but landing before reaching goal. A challenging task, flying over some scenic terrain. 2 more days to go.


The overall winners are:
1.Honorin Hamard
2.Daniel Tyrkas
3.Michal Gierlach

The top 3 women are:
1.Meryl Delferriere
2.Silvia Buzzi Ferraris
3.Alexia Fischer

The top 3 teams are:
1.Air’G Products
2.Alas Del Hombre
3.Woody Valley

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