13th Paragliding World Cup Super Final (2023 Season) Baixo Guandu, Brazil :  March 5th – 16th 2024 : Task 3

  • Mar 10 2024

After the task was cancelled yesterday because of rain, pilots arrived on launch ready for a good day of racing. The forecast was good, with light NE winds and top-of-lift that started around 1200m went up to 1800m later in the day.

A 80.7k task was called that consisted of 3 long legs. The first leg was the longest, with the optimized line heading over the river, which means pilots had to decide whether to take the terrain to the right or left of the river, or to take the direct line. At the first turnpoint some high clouds slowed things down a bit, with some pilots getting stuck for a while. Some nice clouds along the second and 3rd legs sped things back up, with nice lift lines along the high terrain features. The end of speed was a few kilometers past the goal at the airport so that pilots were approaching goal over land rather than over the river, where good landings are scarce.

A great day of racing, with 101 pilots making goal and only 2 minutes separating the top 50.


  1. Yassen Savov
  2. Stephan Morgenthaler
  3. Honorin Hamard


  1. Galen Kirkpatrick
  2. Meryl Delferriere
  3. Alexia Fischer


  1. OZONE
  2. NIVIUK 2


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