13th Paragliding World Cup Super Final (2023 Season) Baixo Guandu, Brazil :  March 5th – 16th 2024 : Task 2

  • Mar 08 2024
Photo by Hugo Casimiro

The forecast called for a 60% chance of rain, and a chance of overdevelopment, but fortunately neither happened, so the Superfinal had it’s first full day of racing.

A 74,7k task was called. The start line was 4.5k away from takeoff, past the good thermal triggers around launch, so pilots explored the area to find the best position to wait for the start.

The first turnpoint was again across the river, with some pilots not having quite enough altitude to make it and having to dive back to a rocky peak to tank up before tagging it. Then it was across the river again to the west, a zig-zag over the rolling hills, then a long final leg to the goal at Penha Capim. About half-way through this final leg, things slowed down with lift hard to find. This turned out to be decisive, with some pilots opting to try to float in to the end-of-speed, and other pilots waiting to climb higher before going on final glide.

An exciting day of racing, with 116 pilots making goal, and a good  start for last season’s Superfinal Winners.

Photo 1 – Eli Egger, photo 2& 3P Hugo Casimiro

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