13th Paragliding World Cup Superfinal (2023 Season) Baixo Guandu, Brazil :  March 5th – 16th 2024

  • Mar 04 2024

From the 5th to the 16th of March, 128 of the world’s best paragliding pilots will be filling the skies of Baixo Guandu, Brazil–a favorite World Cup destination.

Baixo Guandu is located in the center-west region of Espírito Santo, 186 km from the state capital. The city has a hospitable culture and people that always make the pilots feel welcome. And the area offers beautiful landscapes, such as Pedra doSouza, and picturesque waterfalls.

In the north part of the flying area is Pancas, a scenic area full of huge granite spires and boulders. The legendary Pontões Capixabas Natural Monument, also known as “Jurassic Park”, is truly awe inspiring, and some of the pilots have mentioned that they wouldn’t have been surprised to see dinosaurs down there as they flew over it.

The flying area has a wide variety of terrain: flatland, rolling hills, and low mountains, which provides many options for interesting, challenging tasks. The thermals are relatively wide and not too strong, usually 2-3 m/s, and often marked by clouds. All of this adds up to lots of route options and decisions for pilots to make when making transitions.

With so many strong contenders among the 128 pilots, the action promises to be intense. The previous season winners, Honorin Hamard and Constance Mettetal, are back to defend their titles, but the field is full of skilled pilots—many of whom are often seen on World Cup podiums—who are here to challenge them over the 10 task days to come.

Event page: https://pwca.events/13th-world-cup-superfinal/

Photo Gallery: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Gs2FFxadKyPxWJrh6

The results will be  available here: https://pwca.events/13th-world-cup-superfinal/#sfresults

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