2024 Bulgarian Pre World Cup - Bansko

PWCA Observer: 

Status: Confirmed



Organizer and MD
Daniel Dimov

Safety Director
Ivan Kalibatzev
Petya Bodurova


Third edition of Bansko Open – this time it will be also a Pre-PWC. We will take-off from the top of Todorka ski slope in Bansko ski area. The tasks will be mainly over the beautifull Pirin mountain, but also over the southern slopes of Rila mountain and most western hills of Rodhope mountain. Occasionally we can go to a distant goals around the town of Gotse Delchev (close to Greek border) or in the area of Blagoevgrad.

The competition is supported by the operator of Bansko ski area – “Yulen” and Bansko Municipality.

Todorka takeoff (2500 m): 41.758399, 23.435914

Todorka is a peak in Pirin mountain part of south-west Bulgaria. It is a transitional area between the moderate and the subtropical climate, which leads to excellent flying capabilities. The mountain is compact but combines high peaks (up to 2914 m) and deep valleys creating steep and alpine-like terrain. Bansko (950 m) is the nearest town, also a ski resort. Following this, the takeoff is part of the ski zone and can be reached by lift right from the city. The valley of Bansko is situated between Pirin, Rila and Rhodope Mountains.

Due to its mountainous terrain and specific location, it is flyable all year long. The peak season is from June to September.

Takeoff description:  

The takeoff is placed right under the peak at 2500 m AMSL and is orientated northerly facing the valley of Bansko. Flyable directions are NE, E, N, NW and SE.

It is preferable to fly in North and East winds, but weak back winds can be overcome due to the daily air circulation. Usually, strong west and south winds are not flyable.

The nearest landing zone is a small biathlon stadium in the ski zone (41.779425, 23.436116). The valley also provides plenty of landing options. 

Avoid landing near groups of skiing people, big packs of tourists, the lower gondola station, Predel area (when the wind is strong) and also avoid flying close to the lift cables.


As with every mountain, there is a level below which, on a thermic day combined with main westerly flows, can cause strong valley winds.

Because of Rila mountain, the Todorka takeoff is typically flyable in stronger NE winds as Rila acts as a barrier. Its south face and the nearby Rhodope mountain are good indicators of upcoming instability, and often the CBs are starting earlier there.

Going south, the overall terrain of Pirin is falling. Typically in the summer there, you can find southerly winds caused by local daily anabatic flows and the penetration of the sea breeze (Aegean sea).

General schedule is: 27th of July – arrival and on-site registration day; from 28th of July to 2nd of August – competition days.

Typical daily schedule is (it might change):

10:00 – transport to the take-off
11:30 – briefing at the take-off
12:30 – take-off window open
13:30 – start gate open
17:30 – task deadline
19:00 – provisional results
20:00 – official results

The selection will happen in two stages: (1) selection by WPRS rank and (2) selection on first-pay-first-serve basis. The maximum number of participanst is 80. Half of the pilots will be selected during the first stage and the other half will be selected during the second stage. General registration is now OPEN. First stage will start on 27th April and will be 4 weeks long. Then starts the second stage. Invited pilots will receive emails with all the details and further steps.

Only experienced XC pilots can participate. The organizer reserve the right to deny entry for pilot without proven XC experience.


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