2024 Brazilian Pre World Cup - Castelo

PWCA Observer: Eduardo Sanchez Granel

Status: confirmed



Organizador: Marcos Aurelio +5527996475031 – gadernal@yahoo.com.br

Coordenador técnico: Frank Brown +5527981116676 – frankbrown70@yahoo.com.br

Juiz geral: Marcelo Ratiz

Apurador: Zenilson Rocha +5527998819130 – – zenilsonocha@hotmail.com

Coordenador de transporte e resgate: Nani Neme

Equipe de Resgate privada: Fabio Magaiver.

Medico: a definir

Coordenador de Gol: Costinha

Coordenador de rampa/filmagem: Saulo Braga

Assessor de imprensa: Camila Bonesi

Coordenador de QG: Zenilson Rocha

It takes place between April 13 and 20, 2024 in Castelo-ES-Brasil, the first stage of the 2024 Brazilian Paragliding Championship.

It is mandatory to be on the day with your club, federation, confederation and Anac certificate.

– With QG departures according to established schedules, with Onibus and Caminhão (equipment transportation). Rescue all the Participants.

– Flymaster Tracker for Live Tracking will be distributed on Ramp daily.

– The Pre-PWC and FAI Cat 2 event (non-WPRS pontuação for all participants).

– No Credenciamento will be delivered KIT with t-shirt and we will be on the boat ramp provided to all registered pilots daily on test days.

We inform you that the loading of two waypoints and the airspace of your competitors’ instruments and the responsibility of the pilots will provide assistance for this upload only during the credentialing.

The pilot who does not appear does not have to carry out the credentials at his own expense, once the attendant will not do this work on the ramp.

Biruta Pilots

These pilots must be registered by the organization, and as they use the structure of the event a tax will be charged at the same value as the registration. (1,400 reais)

For security reasons, only pilots registered in the competition and registered can be released from the ramp during the entire week of the event, even during the official training day.


The HQ  will be at Praça Três Irmãos, not in the Centro de Castelo-ES.

Flying area

Location: Corrego de Ubá Ramp – Castelo – ES

Altitude: 950 meters

Elevation: 740 meters

Quadrant: N|NE|E|S|SE

WayPoint: S 20º 36’ 216” W 041º11’ 083”

Access: About 33 km from Cachoeiro do Itapemirim and 28 km from Castelo, on a dirt road. Through Fazenda da Prata, Patrimônio do Ouro, continue straight to Ubá. Walking through Vargem Alta, more than 8 km from the dirt/calçamento road.

Takeoff Natural, grassy, easy decolagem. Banheiro on ramp.

Location: Official location at Fazenda da Prata. Countless alternative options.

Best Time: September to March, but it is possible to travel or all year round.

Clube that manages: Termal – http://termaltour.com.br/

WhatsApp group for official event announcements: https://chat.whatsapp.com/GnxYLdKxfcR8np1uDpHh3T

Delivery of kits and upload of points on 04/13 at 3-8pm QG

Obrigatório insurance briefing – day 4/13 17:00 to 18:00 – QG.

Official schedule 4/13, departures at 11am on QG

Probation days, from 14 to 20/04

Prize 08/20, at 7pm QG

The schedules may be altered and will be disclosed in the WhatsApp chat.

WhatsApp will be the official means of communication of the event.


Daily programming

07:30 – QG Opening

09:00 – Transportation to ramp

11:00 – Briefing with pilots

12:00 – Opening of window

16:30 – scoring 

21:30 – scoring deadline

22:00 – Provisional results


Changes could occur.

Possible moves will be announced in the event’s chat group.


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